Traeger Seattle

Traeger-Seattle-WADo you want to create an unforgettable outdoor BBQ experience at your house, enjoying a barbeque right in your own backyard? Economy Wiring can make it happen with a Traeger!

Seattle area residents should get in touch with us now to choose from our great range of Traeger products, including grills and the Traeger smoker, all from Traeger, the pioneers of wood pellet grills.

Traeger grills have an auto-start system that’s easy and safe to use. A Traeger will allow you to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise and barbeque in the privacy of your yard and create some memorable BBQ experiences.

The consistency of Traeger grills and the Traeger smoker allow you to get wonderful results every time. Traeger products all have these great features:

  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Excellent temperature distribution

With eight different types of natural wood pellets, Traeger grills and the Traeger smoker offer an unmatched, fuel-efficient and eco-friendly way of cooking outdoors.

Traeger Grills Seattle

Traeger-Grills-SeattleTraeger grills are the perfect solution for the ultimate outdoor cooking experience. Outdoor cooking has been revolutionized by the versatile Traeger grills range that can be used as a BBQ, Traeger smoker or convection oven to cook almost anything.

Traeger helps you cook whatever you want with Traeger grills and the Traeger smoker, including:

  • Ribs and steaks
  • Pork loins
  • Hamburgers
  • Pizzas
  • Briskets

The remarkable possibilities offered by Traeger grills make them your ideal outdoor cooking partner. Traeger grills eliminate the normal barbeque fuss, making cooking outside fun and stress-free.

So get in touch with us today to choose from our Traeger grills range and make this summer a memorable one with your wonderful culinary skills.

Seattle Traeger Smoker

Traeger-Smoker-SeattleYou may not always like to tuck into grilled food, but with Traeger products you have a choice. Traeger grills include the Traeger smoker, so you can have smoked food any time you like.

The Traeger smoker is a wonderful addition to the Traeger grill range. If you’re in the mood for smoked salmon, just set your Traeger to the ‘smoke’ temperature and watch your Traeger smoker cook up the magic.

The high-quality Traeger smoker consistently maintains the right cooking temperature for perfect smoking.

You’ll love the Traeger smoker for:

  • Simple, fast and safe cooking
  • Healthy food packed full of flavor
  • Easy clean-up and maintenance

What are you waiting for? Come to us and get your Traeger smoker today!

Call Economy Wiring at (206) 244-7542 to discuss our Traeger range and learn more about Traeger grills and the Traeger.